Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners 2018

Affiliate online marketing is extremely lucrative for the top affiliates
who have mastered the game. Ever wonder why the super affiliates are
raking it in and you're still struggling with affiliate programs?

Okay, it is an advantage to have a web site with good traffic and a
program related to the theme of the web site. It is also important
to have a large list to which you can recommend your program.
However, successful affiliates do not get rich for these reasons alone.

The main reason top affiliates succeed so well is that they choose to
promote programs that have residual or lifetime commissions and
NOT commissions for single sales only.

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What happens in most affiliate programs is that the company which
owns the product pays the affiliate for a single sale only. Sometimes,
these programs are 2-tier. However, the principle remains the
same - one sale, one commission.

Therefore, super affiliates choose to promote programs with residual
or lifetime commissions. That is, they make a sale of a product which
requires constant renewal - such as web hosting every month or a health
product for a specific remedy. That way, the affiliate does the work once
and gets paid over and over in the future on the basis of that one sale.

The best programs are the small number that offer lifetime commissions.
These programs allow you to keep the customer for life after you make
one sale to that person. So you may sell an eBook in the first instance
and the customer comes back in perhaps a year or two and buys something
else from the same company. As the customer is "yours", you will get
the commission.

In this way, the residual and lifetime commissions mount up and continue
to grow for the same amount of work.

Definitely, a case of "work smarter, not harder".

Many of these super affiliates could stop work now and continue to earn
an income similar to what they are making today on the basis of these
residual/lifetime programs.

Leading affiliates know that to struggle to make one commission for one
sale is hard work. Shouldn't you join them by promoting programs with
residual or lifetime commissions?

Affiliate marketing success is within the reach of everyone.

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