Sunday, 24 June 2018

Affiliate Marketers Interviewed Free Videos

Here are Some free interviews with affiliate marketers that Sarah Staar did for her home page - Martin Avis, Rob Cornish, Christopher John Payne, Simon Coulson, Jules Watkins etc. are among those giving away some good free insights into how they run their affiliate businesses.

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Tony Shepherd Internet Marketing Products Discounted

Tony Shepherd , the Hippy Internet Marketer, is a legend
in his own potato garden !

And when he is not tending his vegetables and mucking
out his chicken coop , he is creating highly individual
courses on the core topics of online marketing - like
product creation, copywriting, affiliate marketing, PLR,
mindset, email marketing, coaching etc.

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Internet marketer Dennis Becker is a fan of Tony.
So he decided to put together a membership site
of Tony's courses.

Those who join the All-Access club for his reports get
them all, as well as any new reports that get added in the
future for just the one-time discounted price.

And those who don't want to purchase full access can
buy any of the reports individually.

Now there are 11 reports available. 

All are great reading on internet marketing core topics
for entrepreneurs. 

To get Tony Shepherd's products at a deep discount

Monday, 19 March 2018

Instagram Marketing Free Course - 300 Real Followers a Day

This is a Skillshare Free Instagram Online Marketing Course.
This class is taught by Calvin T., an expert consultant on Instagram.

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In the course You will learn:

#1 Purpose of Your account.

#2 Content Strategy.

#3 Getting Your profile perfect.

#4 Becoming an attention seeker.

#5 Capturing Your ideal target followers.

You can access this Free Introductory class at Skillshare.
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Thursday, 8 March 2018

GeneratePress FREE WordPress Theme

GeneratePress -Simple, Light and Responsive.

GenratePress is an outstanding theme, especially
when being used with drag and drop editors like

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It's simple, sleek, and modern, allowing for just
about any skill level to start customizing.

GeneratePress can be installed by any beginner
and they can start blogging within minutes.

As for more advanced developers, it's a fast,
lightweight, and highly customizable free WordPress
theme. A premium version is sold for a reasonable price,
which includes everything from beautiful typography to
WooCommerce support, and advanced menus.

GeneratePress WordPress theme is a lightweight theme
(at less than 1MB zipped). This is impressive ,
and it is importabt when are trying to make your blog
really fast. In addition, the GeneratePress theme has clean
coding following the WordPress coding standards.

As a result it's compatible with all well-coded plugins,
decreasing problems in the long run. The responsive theme
can be translated into over 20 languages, and it features
nine widget areas for getting creative.

There are also five menu navigation spots, drop-down menus,
and several sidebar layouts. It's one of the most impressive
free WordPress themes on the internet.

Definitely worth a try.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

PLR Internet Marketing Newsletter

Internet Marketing Monthly Newsletter 
- Sheer PLR Quality Every Month.

32 Pages of A-Grade PLR  Content. 
This is the PLR the Gurus Use themselves and Recommend. 
Not the usual Junk.  Click Here

BONUS: GeneratePress FREE WordPress Theme  Download Here

Friday, 2 February 2018

List Building Free Course from GetResponse

The GetResponse List Building Program is a free comprehensive email marketing course that covers everything you need to know to grow your list by up to 10,000 subscribers in as little as 90 days. 

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It was designed to help marketers maximize their email marketing efforts by enhancing their lists with new, engaged contacts. Used with the GetResponse platform, it’s a complete email marketing solution, providing marketers with both the know-how and necessary tools to launch an effective email marketing campaign. 

The course is unique and created exclusively for GetResponse customers, both free trial and paid accounts that have less than 10,000 contacts. Customers may choose from two program schedules: the 90-day fast track and the 180-day standard program. Each session consists of a video tutorial, presentation, and an article.

Those who complete the program and acquire at least 1,000 new contacts will receive a GetResponse University Certificate of Performance.

You can find more details about the course - Click Here 

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

Millionaire Marketer Sarah Staar Shows How to Get Free Traffic Click for FREE Instant Download