Friday, 15 December 2017

BITCOIN: 17 Ways to Profit WITHOUT Investing in Them!

It's been estimated that 1 single Bitcoin will go
for over 100K within the next 10 years!

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PERFECT for those who want to profit with Bitcoins but
do NOT want to necessarily invest in them (although how
to buy them is covered too!)

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Friday, 1 December 2017

Best Free Internet Marketing Tools - Free Download

Join dozens of other people who are
saving money in their online business.

37 FREE Alternatives to the Most Common Paid Tools.
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Monday, 20 November 2017

Make Money from YouTube

Make Money from YouTube WITHOUT Uploading
any Videos!

FREE 7 Part Video Course by Millionaire Marketer
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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How to Make Lifetime Commissions from Clickbank?

It is often said that to make real online income,
you need to promote affiliate programs with some
kind of residual or lifetime commissions and not
one off sales on Clickbank.

But here is an affiliate program that uses Clickbank
to make lifetime commissions for you.

Patric Chan promotes this clever program.

Hundreds of his customers have made money with this system.

With this system, you don't need to write or produce any content.

You don't need a website.

You don't need to send any emails at all.

You don't need to pay for hosting or autoresponder.

You don't need to do anything except for one simple
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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

How to Get Other People to Build Your Email List for YOU 100% FREE

Here's a New, SIMPLE Secret to Getting OTHER People
to Build YOUR Email List for YOU - For FREE !

It could be 100's or even 1,000's of fresh New Leads.

Literally on 100% autopilot!

Completely NEW System Invented  by Top Marketer.

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Spin Rewriter v8.0 Review Free 5 Day Trial

Spin Rewriter v8.0 Free 5 Day Trial.
Article spinner which is a free traffic getting software.

Watch Aaron Create 500 Articles In Just 45 Seconds!

Spin Rewriter has released another updated version
of their article spinning software.

Article spinning software does not have a very good
reputation as most other competitors do not produce
quality good enough articles to get past the strict
criteria that Google applies.

However, Spin Rewriter is highly regarded in the
online marketing community as it is a step above
the rest with constant updates keeping it ahead of
the competition.

A good reason to have a look at it is the Free 5-Day 
Trial which allows you to use it for a full 5 days and
come to you your own conclusion.

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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Recurring Income Affiliate Program - up to $800 per Sale

Recurring affiliate lifetime commissions are one of the best ways to
make substantial money online. It is the method used by super
affiliates to build a permanent income rather than depend on small
occasional commissions.

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One of the most important affiliate marketing tips for beginners is to
promote products or services that have residual or lifetime commissions.
That is do the work once and get paid repeatedly for the one original effort!

I want to introduce you to such a lifetime affiliate program that pays
out up to $800 for giving away free webinars.

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This is a high ticket, Evergreen offer, paying you up to $800 per sale on
the front end. (And also $200-$400 on downsells, cross-sells, follow-up
sales etc)

It has a proven track record with many partners now averaging $4-$6 per
click (net) when plugged into your backend.

For instance, one partner added over $17,000 from his last launch.
And the top partner has earned over $75,000 in commissions just from
a few low ticket WSO offers.

By now you realize that to maximize your revenue per lead, you should
have a solid high ticket backend in place.

If you don't have your own FREE high ticket offer yet, this is perfect
for you. All you do is plug one link in and get paid up to $800 per sale.

Automatic Approval!

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(It's Evergreen too, so you can plug it into any product, any where,
to maximize  your commissions)

Friday, 11 August 2017

Skillshare Free Trial

How to get Skillshare Premium membership FREE for 2 months.

Skillshare free classes ( over 18,000! in ALL subjects ) are available
for Skillshare Premium members for an introductory Free 2 month

This allows Premium Members to get access to all 18,000 classes
for 2 months without any commitment at all. 

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Skillshare is an online learning community introducing expert
teachers in ALL subjects to students in the convenient environment
of the web where they can access classes at any time.

Online classes at Skillshare can be created by anyone who
wants to teach them. The courses accept anyone who wishes
to learn. Most classes are about an hour long and divided into
bite size chunks to aid easy comprehension.

If you want to learn skills online Skillshare courses
are available in many categories including Design, Business,
Marketing, Technology, Photography, Film, Fashion, Music,
Gaming, Cooking, DIY, Writing, Crafts and many others.

Learn from experts in ALL subjects.

Here is an example of a Skillshare video course on how
to create a YouTube Video Channel Click Here

Skillshare pricing is $10 a month or $84 discounted a year
for over 18,000 online classes.

Skillshare is available in Desktop, Mobile, and Offline
viewing, so you can learn at whatever location you want!

There are No Commitments, you can cancel if you wish.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Where to Buy Solo Ads

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

To buy solo ads is often regarded as a risky undertaking
by marketers who have no experience of buying ads
and have heard bad reports about people losing money
with this traffic method.

Click here for Udimi Solo Ads

How To Buy Solo Ads Correctly

If you buy solo ads from Udimi you will be purchasing
from a regulated platform where solo ad sellers are vetted
to ensure that they give quality traffic. By quality traffic
I mean that the traffic is not fake, that it is not produced
by bots or that it does not come from countries such as
China or India.

Traffic coming from countries such as these will not give
you leads or sales. You should buy clicks from sellers that
can guarantee over 80% of their traffic from Tier 1 countries.
Tier 1 countries are Western countries such as USA, Canada,
UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand if your target market is
English speaking. People in these countries have high access
to the internet and have credit cards to purchase products
or services online.

Click here for Udimi Solo Ads

What You Will See When You Login to Udimi    

When you sign up to Udimi you will see a list of solo ad
sellers. First look at the feedback that they have from
people who have bought solo ads from them. They should
have a lot of positive feedback before you buy ads from
them. The next thing you look at is the price per click.
Most sellers will sell clicks in the range of $0.35 cents
to $1 per click.

A warning I would give would be not to buy too many clicks
from someone you have not used previously. Most sellers
have a minimum buy of 50 to 100 clicks. Buy the minimum
to test them and don't risk losing money.

The first time I used Udimi I bought 50 clicks from a
seller and did not get a single opt in! Obviously I did
not lose much money and I will not use that seller again
and in addition I gave negative feedback.

The next seller I used gave me a 44% opt in and one
immediate sale. That is the kind of response you should
be looking for. Another warning is that you should not
be looking for excessively cheap clicks as the quality
of the traffic will be low. It is unrealistic to expect
to buy quality clicks for less than 35 cents a click.

To get the most out of your solo ad budget you should
sent traffic to an email list. So when you get an opt in
to the list, you can offer them promotions again and again
and really add to the value of the subscriber.

Overall I thoroughly recommend Udimi as a safe and honest
way to buy solo ads especially if you are a beginner to
solo ads and want reassurance that you will not be ripped off.
It is a great way to learn all about the lucrative solo ad
traffic generation techniques that the big marketers use.

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Monday, 15 May 2017

Sarah Staar Free Affiliate Marketing Courses

Sarah Staar FREE Courses for Online Marketing 

To learn affiliate marketing you need to learn
the core steps in choosing the right products
to promote and also the right way to promote

Here are some Free Courses by a Millionaire
Marketer Sarah Staar whose strategies are
current and work extremely well.

1. How to Choose Highly Profitable Niches

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2. How to Sell Affiliate Products

For Free Course  Click Here

3. 101 Ways to Get FREE Traffic 

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4. 37 Free Marketing Tools

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5. How to Make Money On YouTube Without Uploading Videos

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners 2018

Affiliate online marketing is extremely lucrative for the top affiliates
who have mastered the game. Ever wonder why the super affiliates are
raking it in and you're still struggling with affiliate programs?

Okay, it is an advantage to have a web site with good traffic and a
program related to the theme of the web site. It is also important
to have a large list to which you can recommend your program.
However, successful affiliates do not get rich for these reasons alone.

The main reason top affiliates succeed so well is that they choose to
promote programs that have residual or lifetime commissions and
NOT commissions for single sales only.

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What happens in most affiliate programs is that the company which
owns the product pays the affiliate for a single sale only. Sometimes,
these programs are 2-tier. However, the principle remains the
same - one sale, one commission.

Therefore, super affiliates choose to promote programs with residual
or lifetime commissions. That is, they make a sale of a product which
requires constant renewal - such as web hosting every month or a health
product for a specific remedy. That way, the affiliate does the work once
and gets paid over and over in the future on the basis of that one sale.

The best programs are the small number that offer lifetime commissions.
These programs allow you to keep the customer for life after you make
one sale to that person. So you may sell an eBook in the first instance
and the customer comes back in perhaps a year or two and buys something
else from the same company. As the customer is "yours", you will get
the commission.

In this way, the residual and lifetime commissions mount up and continue
to grow for the same amount of work.

Definitely, a case of "work smarter, not harder".

Many of these super affiliates could stop work now and continue to earn
an income similar to what they are making today on the basis of these
residual/lifetime programs.

Leading affiliates know that to struggle to make one commission for one
sale is hard work. Shouldn't you join them by promoting programs with
residual or lifetime commissions?

Affiliate marketing success is within the reach of everyone.

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Lifetime Affiliate Commissions Program: 
Here is one of my favourite affiliate marketing programs that
pays up to $800 and has lifetime commissions. Start your affiliate
success here. Click Here

Millionaire Internet Marketer Sarah Staar shows 101
Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website.
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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Free Expert Secrets Book – Russell Brunson 2017

Russell Brunson's book 'Expert Secrets' is Free while copies last!

This is Brunson's second book after the best seller 'Dotcom Secrets' .
The book focuses on the knowledge that each person possesses
inside themselves and how this experience can be used to start an
online business.

Brunson's enthusiasm is infectious and this level of motivation for
starting an online business is what is needed by many people who
have thought about starting their own business and need an extra
push to make it happen.

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Other FREE Resources by Russell Brunson 

Dotcom Secrets 

If you are struggling with getting traffic to your website or converting
that traffic Russell Brunson has widespread experience in getting to
route of the problem. Dotcom Secrets will give you the marketing
funnels and sales scripts to get a ton of leads to your business.

Dotcom Secrets - FREE Click Here

Marketing in My Car with Russell Brunson - FREE MP3 Player

On his way to work every morning Russell Brunson records
a few minutes for his customers detailing the ups and downs
of running his online business. As Russell is one of the most
succcessful online marketers today, his ideas can be very
lucrative to anyone starting or running an online business.
Russell is giving away FREE over 250 of these recordings
to his fans -  Click Here

Russell Brunson's Perfect Webinar Free Script -  Click Here
How this Free script made Russell over $1 million!

Millionaire Internet Marketer Sarah Staar shows 101
Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website.
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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Matthew Woodward TED Talks for Digital Marketers

Matthew Woodward runs one of the best internet marketing
blogs bursting with good information for online marketers.

Matthew has selected a list of 22 of his favourite TED talks
over the last few years. The talks range in length from about
3-20 minutes.

Some of the speakers featured include Steve Jobs, Seth Godin,
Rory Sutherland, and David Blaine.

Here is the link - Click Here

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Yanik Silver Evolved Enterprise Book Free PDF

Evolved Enterprise Book by Yanik Silver

Click Here for Free Evolved Enterprise Book

Yanik Silver's book 'Evolved Enterprise' shows us all how to “do it right”
on every level. 'Evolved Enterprise' has struck a chord with industry giants
like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh, John Paul DeJoria, Blake Mycoskie
from TOMS,who have praised its caring message.

Now Yanik is launching an updated, revised hardcover edition with a special
set of  training bonuses and gifts.

Almost all of the profits are going to finance growing an entire village of
entrepreneurs in East Africa. Fifty micro-businesses will be developed to lift
1,000 people out of poverty.

If you want to find out what Yanik is doing and help alleviate poverty
in Africa, get this Free book.

It's good to see someone like Yanik Silver starting a movement that
pushes people into giving in this practical way.

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Millionaire Internet Marketer Sarah Staar shows 101
Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website.
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Monday, 6 March 2017

How to Sell Affiliate Products - Free Video Course

Millionaire Affiliate Marketer Sarah Staar has created
a FREE  5-Part Video Course Showing How to Get
Traffic to ANY Affiliate Offer and be Making Sales Within an Hour.
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Monday, 20 February 2017

Sarah Staar Recurring Affiliate Program

The secret to making Big Money Online as an Internet
Marketing Affiliate is:

1. Big Commissions.

2. Good Conversions.

3. Recurring Commissions.

4. Lifetime Commissions.

5. Commissions on High Ticket Backend Sales.

Big Commissions

You can only make good money as an Internet Marketing

affiliate if you promote products that offer big commissions.

Selling $20 eBooks will not achieve your dream of financial


Good Conversions

To make good money as an affiliate you should promote

only products that have been tested to give good conversions.

This program has been tested to give high conversions which

means less effort on your part because of the well-tested

sales process.

Recurring Commissions

To gain a regular income to pay your monthly bills you

need some kind of recurring commission.

This program pays recurring monthly commissions as one

of its many income streams. Recurring commissions is

the first step to building a big income online.

Lifetime Commissions

This is where this program starts to get really lucrative

for its affiliates. Each sale you make gives you that

customer for life. So any future sales to the customer

will generate affiliate commissions without any further

work on your part. Even sales of newly-released

products will generate future commissions.

Commissions on High Ticket Backend Sales

Many internet marketers offer expensive coaching

programs to their customers. They seldom give their

affiliates any commissions for these high-ticket backend

sales. This program is different. Affiliates are not cheated

out of their rightful commissions on a Complete Funnel.

This is the main reason that this is the Highest Paying

Internet Market Affiliate Program that I am aware of.

How to Join Sarah Staar's  Lifetime Affiliate Program

Click on the page below for a list of Free affiliate marketing
courses by Sarah. She runs a webinar to recruit new members
to her affiliate program every few months.

If you sign up to one or more of these Free courses, you
will get a notification of any upcoming seminars that she
is running.

For FREE Affiliate Marketing Courses by Sarah Staar
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Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website - Free Report

Here is a good Free report from Dennis Becker on how 
to get traffic to your website.

Free Report - How to Increase Website Traffic

7 Reasons You're Not Earning Money Online Yet 

Here are  7 Free reports from Dennis Becker.
The topics covered in the reports are:

7 Productivity Killers.

7 Reasons You're Not Earning Money Online Yet.

Dashed Dreams.

Marketing Confidence.

Mistake Marketing.

Multiple Passive Income Streams.

Standing In Front of Money.

Finding Your Reason Why.

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Dennis Becker Products
Check out Dennis Becker's dozens of books and courses
which have helped so many newbie marketers succeed online.
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Millionaire Internet Marketer Sarah Staar shows 101
Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website.
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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Patric Chan 100 Newbies Made Money Online

Most people fail to make money online because they don't have a proven system that works for them.

The Good news is, this system by Patric Chan has helped 100's of ordinary people,
including newbies to make real money.

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The best part is...

-You don't need to write or produce any unique content.
-You don't need to create any products to sell.
-You don't need to write up any sales letters.
-You don't need to provide any customer service or follow up support.
-You don't even need to learn about internet marketing!

See how this can be done with real proof here:Click Here

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

Millionaire Marketer Sarah Staar Shows How to Get Free Traffic Click for FREE Instant Download